43rd Northeast Marble Meet

The following artists, clubs and dealers will be exhibited at the 43rd Northeast Marble Meet.


Total Tables Available - 40. Tables Exhibiting - 37.


Steve Bahr - NJ

Alphy Bard - CT

Rich Bonuaito - CT (3)

Dick Belmont - CT

Mark Block - CT

Robert Block - CT/NJ

Ray Brown - NY (4)

Linda Cunningham

Robert de Freitas - Canada

Dan Donahue - CT

Neve & Tim Douglas - ME

James Fairneny - MA (2)

Mike and Rachel Gallant - ME (2)

Dave Griffie - PA

Tom Joralemon - MA

Tom Kingsley - CT (2)

Harry Kravet - CT (2)

David Lenz - CT

Rich Manciewicz - MA

Marble Collectors Society of America - CT

Ben Michael - CT

Nutmeg Marble Collectors Club - CT

Tom O'Connor - CT

Elliot Pincus - PA

Beth Scully - CT

Gary Stetson - ME

Scott Strause - CT

Rich Stremme - PA

Tim Tabor - CT

Dave and Donna Terrell - CT


2023 was the first year since 2017 that the Northeast Marble Meet was held at a hotel, in order to allow for room trading in the days prior to the show. The complete room block of 25 was filled, as well as addiitional dealers and collectors in rooms outside the block (so we don't know the final number). Room trading was slow on Thursday but picked up significantly on Friday. The show opened at 9am, after a 2 hour dealer set up. Due to the small configuration of the hotel, there were two show rooms. One was on the upper level and held 19 tables, the other was on the lower level and held 21 tables. Show day was rainy and blustery. Foot traffic took a while to build up, but by late morning it was very difficult to move in the aisles between tables. Buying continued throughout the day. The show ended at 3pm, however several dealers were still selling to marble collectors until 4pm. We know of at least two large deals that occurred after 3:30pm. A special thank you to Tim Tabor, Ben Michael, Rich Bonuaito, Dan Donohue, David Lenz, John Schmidt and Tom O'Connor for moving table and chairs down to, and then back up from the lower level. Many great marbles were bought and sold during the show. Some images from the show are below (courtesy Tony Banas, Gary Stetson, Rich Bonuaito, David Lenz and Ben Michael):