42nd Northeast Marble Meet

The show was again held at Meriden Turner Society Halle in Meriden CT. The dealers at the show were:


Total Tables Available - 22.


Lawrence Alley III - MA

Stephen Bahr - CT

Dick Belmont - CT

Jerry Biern - RI

Robert Block - CT/NJ

Ray Brown - MA

Mike Close - NH

Neve & Tim Douglas - ME

Jim Fairney - MA

Mike Gallant - ME

Todd Handwork - NH

Harry Kravet - CT

Jeff James - MA

David Lenz - CT

Marble Collectors Society of America - CT

Rich Markiewicz - MA

Ben Michael - CT

Tom O'Connor - CT

Elliot Pincus - PA

Gary Stetson - ME

Richard Stremme - PA

Dave Terrell - CT


We were able to slightly reconfigure the space and fit in two additional tables this year. Traffic started off strong in the morning continued throughout the day, which was unusual. In fact, a number of dealers were still showing marbles to collectors and selling well after the show officially ended at 3PM. A special thank you to Dave Terrell for having a large number of pizzas delivered to the Hall for lunch for all present. Ben Michael, Steve Bahr and Dick Belmont interviewed a number of dealers and participants for their Marble Universe podcast. Stephen Bahr has produced a great video of the meet on Youtube: https://youtu.be/2v9BYT7PGAo. Many great marbles were bought and sold during the show. Some images from the show are below (courtesy Tony Banas):