Dealers and Artists Exhibiting in 2023

Artist/Dealer Registration


The following artists, clubs and dealers will be exhibiting at the 43rd Northeast Marble Meet. If the artist or dealer has a website, it is linked to their name. Additional dealers will be added as they commit to attending.


Total Tables Available - 50.



AVI Glass (Avi Moldasky)

Larry Alley III - MA

Steve Bahr - NJ

Alphy Bard - CT

Rich Bonuaito - CT (3)

Dick Belmont - CT

Jerry Biern - RI

Bill Blair - NY

Mike Beer

Mark Block - CT

Robert Block - CT/NJ

Ray Brown - NY

Linda Cunningham

Robert de Freitas - Canada

Dan Donahue - CT

Neve & Tim Douglas - ME

James Fairneny - MA

Mike and Rachel Gallant - ME

Dave Griffie - PA

Tom Joralemon - CT

Tom Kinglsey - CT (2)

Harry Kravet - CT

David Lenz - CT

Rich Manciewicz - MA

Marble Collectors Society of America - CT

Ben Michael - CT

Nutmeg Marble Collectors Club - CT

Tom O'Connor - CT

Elliot Pincus - PA

Beth Scully - CT

Gary Stetson - ME

Scott Strause - CT

Rich Stremme - PA

Tim Tabor - CT

Dave and Donna Terrell - CT


There are 50 tables available for dealers at the show across two showrooms, one upstairs (20 tables), one downstairs (30 tables). While all 50 tables may not be taken, at this time (9/20/23) there are 38 tables reserved. The tables are 6' and do not have a tablecovering (bring one if you need it). Tables with and without electricity are available. Lighting in the hall is normal brightness, so bring lights for additional lighting. Tables will be chosen by vendors at 8PM on the night before the show. Please note that there is no elevator access to the lower level. It is accessed via stairs only. Dealers on the lower level will need to carry their inventory down.


The price per table is $50 for a 6 foot table. Set up is from 7AM to 9AM. No exhibitors are allowed in the exhibit room until 9am. Coffee and pastries will be available for vendors during set-up.

To reserve a table, contact Robert Block via text 202-209-7076 or email