The 2024 Northeast Marble Meet will be held on Saturday, October12 at a hotel in Connecticut. We are still reviewing opportunities and will update the location shortly.



The 44th Northeast Marble Meet will be held on October 12th 2024. The Northeast Marble Meet is hosted by the Marble Collectors Society of America and the Nutmeg State Marble Collectors Club and is held encompasses the Nutmeg Marble Show. We are still determining the location. The show runs from 9AM - 3PM



The Marble Show will be held on Saturday, October 12. There are 40-50 exhibitor tables  that will be filled by artists and dealers. There is always a wide selection of high-quality handmade and machine made marbles, contemporary marbles (including some artists selling their own work), and marble related items.



If you would like more information on the show, or you want to reserve a table, visit the link Marble Show.


You can see a list of exhibitors (artists and dealers) at the link Dealers.


For directions visit the link Location.


For a history of the Northeast Marble Meet, visit the link History.


Photos of previous shows are at the link Photos.