1st Northeast Marble Meet - Fairfield CT - October 26, 1980

The 1st Northeast Marble Meet was held on October 26, 1980 at the Fairfield Motor Inn, located at The Circle in Fairfield CT. The Fairfield Inn still exists at this location.


The exhibitors at the 1st Northeast Marble Meet were


Ervin Austin - MI

Stanley  Block - CT

Joseph Bourque - NH

Darlene Bourque - NH

Bert Cohen - MA

Paul Germann

Linda Krulwich - CT

Jeremiah Laikind - MA

Susan Linscott

Bill Nielsen - CT

Walter Plate

John Schmidt - CT

Alan Speckhart - CT

Bill Sweet - RI

Walter Tomczyck - CT

Jack Whistance - NY

Dr. Jeff Yale - CT


Shown below is the original announcement sent out to marble collectors, and the information sheet sent out to those who expressed an interest in attending or in taking a table.

There was a small auction held at 1PM and 3PM at the show. There was no prepared listing of items in the auction (I think the items were consigned directly at the show). However, based on handwritten notes I fond in the files listing payments to owners, here are some of the realized prices:


4 Benningtons - $1

Emma comic - $40

Standing Bear Sulphide - $75

Standing Donkey Sulphide - $130

Elephant Sulphide - $110

Betty comic - $40

Jody Fine swirl - $12

Falcon Sulphide - $85

1&3/8" Bennington - $7

Story of a Marble booklet - $12

2 Akro Agate knee pads - $50


Diane Atkerson was kind enough to send me images of the photographs she took at the 1st Northeast Meet.

We recently found the dealer table list from the 1980 Marble Show while sorting through some of my dad's papers: