Dealers Exhibiting at the 2022 Northeast Marble Meet

The following artists, clubs and dealers will be exhibited at the 42nd Northeast Marble Meet. If the artist or dealer has a website, it is linked to their name. Additional dealers will be added as they commit to attending.


Total Tables Available - 22.



Lawrence Alley III - MA

Stephen Bahr - CT

Dick Belmont - CT

Ritchie Bonaiuto - CT

Jerry Biern - RI

Robert Block - CT/NJ

Ray Brown - MA

Mike Close - NH

Neve & Tim Douglas - ME

Jim Fairney - MA

Mike Gallant - ME

Todd Handwork - NH

Harry Kravet - CT

Jeff James - MA

David Lenz - CT

Marble Collectors Society of America - CT

Rich Markiewicz - MA

Ben Michael - CT

Tom O'Connor - CT

Elliot Pincus - PA

Gary Stetson - ME

Richard Stremme - PA

Dave Terrell - CT